Kangaroo meat tastes a bit beefy with a hint of smoke.

Extremely lean, kangaroo meat has more protein and significantly lower cholesterol than lean beef, large amounts iron and zinc, and a very high concentration of natural conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) associated with an array of health benefits.

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Kangaroo Patties
24 patties (12 lbs.)
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Kangaroo Ground Meat
10 packs (10 lbs.)
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Kangaroo Rumps
6 rumps (approximately 11 lbs.)
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Boneless Kangaroo Loin
Choice of 3 sizes (6.6 - 22 lbs.)
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Kangaroo Boneless Denver Leg
10 packs (approximately 22 lbs.)
Kangaroo Medallions
8 - 10 lbs
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