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Pan-Roast Like a Pro

Wish you could achieve moist, golden poultry breasts every time? Pan-roasting is the way to go. Follow our 9 Steps to Pan-roasted Poultry Perfection.

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Trussing & Barding Poultry

Trussing means tying the legs and tucking the wing tips of a whole bird before roasting to give it a classic shape and promote even browning. Wrapping bacon strips around the breast to keep it moist is called barding. Here’s our illustrated guide to trussing & barding poultry.

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Brining Basics

Submerging poultry and other meats overnight in a solution of salt and other seasonings is called brining. It’s a simple technique that drives flavor deep into the meat and a particularly good idea with some leaner heritage chickens and game birds. Learn the basics of brining.

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