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You’ll find the finest grass-fed beef, lamb, heritage pork, game like wild boar or kangaroo, and more delicacies in our collection of specialty meats.


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Did you know that game meats tend to be leaner and higher in protein, plus have more iron and omega-3 fatty acids than other red meats? Eating game is a good way to vary your daily diet. Why not give Bison, Wild Boar, Venison, Elk, or Kangaroo a try?

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Lesser-Known Lamb Cuts

Marx Foods’ inventive Test Kitchen chefs show how lamb striploins & shanks can be a go-to meat for easy, everyday dinners or more elaborate weekend suppers.

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Halal Meat Explained

For meat to be certified halal, which means permissible, the animal must be slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws. Like Kosher laws, they were created to make consumption of meat both healthy and humane. At slaughter, a blessing accompanies a swift, sharp incision to the throat. The blood is completely drained, inhibiting contamination. Islamic custom also honors animals throughout life. They must be well treated and uncaged, and no animal should witness another animal killed. Many of our meats are halal certified.

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