Wholesale Rabbit Meat

Lean & tender, rabbit meat is a highly sustainable protein. For more than 40 years, family-run Grupo Hermi has raised top-quality rabbits in Spain. They control all aspects of production from breeding and farming to processing and packaging—ensuring their high standards, and ours, are consistently met.

Our wholesale rabbit meat options include whole rabbit, legs, and ground rabbit meat.

9 Products
Bone-In Rabbit Saddles
6 packs (approximately 22 lbs.)
Was $356 $312
Rabbit Legs (Hind Quarters)
48 legs (approximately 22 lbs.)
Boneless Rabbit Saddles
6 packs (approximately 13 lbs.)
Whole Fryer Rabbits
6 rabbits (approximately 17 lbs.)
Ground Rabbit Meat
Approximately 11 lbs. in 5 packs
Rabbit Livers
6 packs (approximately 15 lbs.)
Game Meat Sampler
17 cuts (approximately 10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Rabbit Rib Chops
600 chops (approximately 11 lbs.)
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Rabbit Striploins
5 packs (approximately 11 lbs.)
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