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From herbs and flowers to mushrooms and microgreens to chile peppers and cheese, we seek out the best, rarest, most unusual produce available.


In a Pickle

Few things perk up a plate like crisp, pickled vegetables. Pickling is also a good way to preserve fleeting seasonal delights like ramps or fava beans. Pickling needn’t involve canning. Quick pickling takes a few minutes of prep and the pickled vegetables keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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For Truffle Hounds

Fresh wild truffles rank among the world’s most prized – and priciest – delicacies. Poets rhapsodize over their pungent aroma. Lovers claim they are an aphrodisiac. We have no doubt that a few shavings of truffle can bring scrambled eggs, risotto, or pasta to glorious new heights. To help you make the most of these highly perishable woodland treasures, we offer a Guide to Fresh Truffles, filled with tips, techniques & recipes.

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Cook’s Corner

To complement our array of unique produce we created a cache of recipes designed to inspire you in the kitchen. Find out what you can do with yuzu and yacon root, mushrooms and miner’s lettuce, fiddlehead ferns and finger limes, plus whole lot more.

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