Ardent carnivores though we are, we know that humans cannot live on meat alone. What would a meal be without fruits, vegetables, and herbs, or indulgences like truffles and cheese? Pretty boring, we think. Cruise our produce gallery for inspiration on wild and cultivated vegetables, fresh herbs, exotic fruits, edible flowers, foraged fungi, and other plant-based treasures that we deem worthy of sharing a spotlight with the finest proteins.

Edible Flowers








Pair our Wholesale Specialty Meats with Fresh, High-Quailty Produce

Like a string of pearls worn with a little black dress, or a silk handkerchief tucked in the breast pocket of a pin-striped suit, produce is the perfect accessory for meat. Imagine steak without any trimmings. No frites, no creamed spinach, no sauteed mushrooms. Imagine braising osso bucco without herbs, making chicken soup without vegetables, or duck sans l’orange. Pretty ho hum. Pair our exceptional wholesale beef with freshly foraged wild mushrooms or heirloom potatoes. Match our Iberico pork with ingredients native to its country of origin, like Seville oranges, smoked pimenton, and almonds. Serve our premium French veal embellished with black truffles. When you buy wholesale meats online at then shop your favorite local market for the freshest produce to serve with it.