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Solving the Dinner Dilemma

If you’ve got a freezer full of steaks, chops, and chicken parts, but what you lack is inspiration, we can help. The Marx Food Blog features dozens of recipes tailored to our products and freshly curated each season.

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There is a way to gauge the doneness of meat that’s right in the palm of your hand. Experienced chefs often test doneness by feel. Certain areas of the palm when pressed with a finger have a springiness that corresponds with rare, medium, or well-done meat. Try it!

How to Tell Meat Doneness by Feel

Butter Up

Compound butter is a handy ploy for the home chef to have in their apron pocket. It’s just flavored butter and easy to make, but when it melts into a grill-charred NY strip steak compound butter does a good imitation of a fancy sauce you spent hours on.

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